Facial Plastic Surgery Consultation

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Facial Plastic Surgery Consultation with Dr. Sean Weiss

Dr. Sean Weiss is Board Certified in both Facial Plastic Surgery and Head and Neck Surgery. Dr. Weiss uses advanced techniques for his patients and has extensive knowledge in facial anatomy to achieve optimal results. At Dr. Sean Weiss – Facial Plastic Surgery of Metairie and New Orleans, we pride ourselves in giving each patient a customized and personal facial plastic surgery consultation. It is important to trust a Facial Specialist with the skills and expertise needed to perform the appropriate procedures.

One of the signature characteristics of Dr. Weiss is the value he places in developing long term and trusting relationships with his patients. Dr. Weiss will spend an average of one hour discussing the patient’s unique needs and concerns to determine the best approach to take to achieve each patient’s goals. He will do a thorough examination and discuss all of the options and recommendations in detail. Dr. Weiss will answer all your questions and make you feel comfortable throughout the entire process. He will provide before and after photos of past patients and discuss your individual expectations.

Our patient care coordinator will then meet with you to discuss scheduling and costs. At Dr. Sean Weiss – Facial Plastic Surgery, we offer financing options to patients upon request.

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