Necklift FAQ

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Who is a good candidate for a Neck Lift?

Good neck lift candidates include patients whose neck skin appears to have lost its natural elasticity or sags. Those with horizontal lines or creases, also known as “turkey neck” and those with wrinkles or a double chin due to aging are recommended candidates for a neck lift. Also, those patients who have excess skin or fat on the neck are good candidates.

How is the Neck Lift procedure done?

Neck lift surgery is frequently done in conjunction with facelift surgery, but it can be performed as an isolated procedure. Dr. Weiss makes a hidden incision beneath the chin and then tightens the muscles and removes the fatty deposition.

What is Neck Lift recovery like?

Following a neck lift procedure, patients wear a compressive bandage around the neck and are encouraged to keep their heads slightly elevated at a 30 degree angle to minimize swelling. They are also encouraged to minimize rotation of the neck. Patients may experience swelling and bruising for up to ten days after the procedure. They are typically able to return to work within seven to ten days, or sooner for those not bothered by swelling and bruising.

What other facial procedures are typically combined with a Neck Lift procedure?

Most often, a neck lift is performed in combination with a lower facelift to correct jowls and tighten the jaw line. Also, since a neck lift cannot erase sun damage and age spots, patients also have a chemical peel or laser resurfacing treatment to maximize results.